Please bear in mind the following points when proposing or writing an article

  1. We have an audience of thousands of workplace professionals each day. Contributions must be geared towards an informed and experienced reader.
  2. Most of the time, 800-1000 words is probably ideal.
  3. Please supply an email address, short bio and headshot of the author.
  4. Try to avoid the use of cliches and hackneyed ideas.
  5. Be interesting and have a viewpoint.
  6. We don’t generally like ‘how to’ pieces.
  7. Avoid clickbait and lists.
  8. If you’re a PR or SEO firm pitching an idea for a client, please let us know who they are up front.
  9. Don’t make unsubstantiated assertions and claims.
  10. Don’t promote a product or service – even if you think you are being brand neutral or generic – or create a business case for one.