Workplace Geeks assemble. Workplace heavyweights launch new podcast series

Two leading workplace commentators have collaborated to launch a brand new podcast that strives to uncover cutting edge academic research from around the world and bring it to a broader audience. The Workplace Geeks podcast interviews the teams behind the research, explores the stories behind the insights and uncovers the practical business applications of their findings. Created and co-hosted by regular industry commentators Chris Moriarty (formerly of IWFM and Leesman) and Ian Ellison (3edges and formerly of Sheffield Hallam University) the podcast surfaces evidence-based insights, whilst taking listeners on a ‘journey of discovery’ as they explore data, research methods and how the business world can better apply and benefit from them.

The launch episode, Workplace Geeks assemble, interviews Workplace Insight editor Mark Eltringham and Reader for Workplace and Facilities Management at Liverpool John Moores University, Dr Matt Tucker. The discussion explores the balance between organisations hungry for insight, brands producing thought leadership, and academia developing scientific studies; and how all of these might combine to benefit workplace experience.

When setting the scene for the podcast Moriarty says “The pandemic has really shone a light on workplace strategy and how organisations approach it, and with that come a number of questions. At the moment, there are more questions than answers so good quality research is critical, but often those projects are contained within academic institutions and struggle to impact business practice. This podcast is all about bridging that gap and making these incredible studies more accessible and engaging.”

Ellison adds “In episode one, Dr Tucker talks about the idea of parallel dissemination, which is being able to communicate findings from studies both in the academic arena, as well as through more accessible, ‘mainstream’ channels. We hope we can help this happen, so research teams around the world can get their work closer to business leaders. Alongside this, we hope to help practitioners learn more about what good quality research looks like and how they can apply it.”

A series of interviews are lined up with respected scholars from the world of organisational development, digital technology, workplace and facilities management, as the show aims to explore ideas from a wide range of disciplines.

The Workplace Geeks podcast is available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music, Google Podcasts, Stitcher and many other podcast platforms. You can also listen here and below.

Workplace Geeks will be hosting a live episode at The Workplace Event at the NEC, Birmingham on 6 April.