Future shock + Government saves billions in property + Technology and real estate 0

In this week’s Newsletter; Jo Sunderland visits the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) latest office in the new heart of New York; and Mark Eltringham remembers Alvin Toffler, author of Future Shock. The majority of employers are unprepared for new gender pay reporting Regulations coming into force in April; plans unveiled on a landmark £1 billion project in East London; and rationalisation means that vacant space within the central government estate now only represents 1.4 percent – well below the average in the private sector of 8.9 percent. UK workers stressed by putting in unpaid extra work; and even engaged employees will leave for the lure of a fresh challenge. From the latest issue of Work&Place which can be downloaded or viewed here, Kate Langan assesses the impact technology is having on the workplace and the use of corporate real estate;Download our Briefing, produced in partnership with Boss Design on the link between culture and workplace strategy and design; visit our new events page, follow us on Twitter and join our LinkedIn Group to discuss these and other stories.