Green Construction Board publishes carbon emissions routemap


The Green Construction Board has called for urgent action to reduce carbon emissions as it published a new plan for the sector to meet national carbon reduction targets. The Low Carbon Routemap for the Built Environment, launched at this week’s Ecobuild sets out what is required from the construction industry to achieve its UK government target of an 80 per cent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from 1990 levels by 2050. The GCB also published its ‘Top Twenty Tips’ for greening the industry with a case study engine showing examples of good practice.

GCB Co-chair and Business Minister Michael Fallon said: “This Routemap will help shape our Industrial Strategy for construction as we plan for the long term. It’s a valuable contribution to our continuing work with industry and shows that even closer collaboration is required in the future if we want to get closer to achieving our objective. While the Routemap shows that the 80 per cent carbon reduction target is a very challenging one, we must not lose sight of the overall objective which is to minimise carbon emissions.”

Key findings include:

  • Meeting the 80 per cent reduction target for construction is technically possible, but very challenging
  • Success is dependant on improving the economic viability of technical solutions and addressing market failures
  • Taking responsibility for carbon reduction at an industry level is essential
  • The drive to 80 per cent carbon reduction represents an economic opportunity, particularly in retrofitting domestic buildings.

Mike Putnam, President and CEO, Skanska UK and Co-chair of the Green Construction Board added: “The Routemap is a valuable contribution to our understanding of the key decision points and actions needed over time, against the 2050 target of 80 per cent reduction in carbon emissions.

“It will help inform the ongoing dialogue between government and industry and shows that even closer collaboration is required going forward. I firmly believe that it is possible to significantly reduce carbon by applying clear leadership and challenging solutions, focussing upon whole life costs of the asset, covering both capital and operational carbon, as well as costs.”

The Green Construction Board is a joint Government-industry group. To view the “Top 20 Tips” and access the Routemap visit