Club Employés and Weavr partner to give people more choice and control over employee benefits

European employee benefits platform, Club Employés, has partnered with embedded finance specialists, Weavr, to power a debit card solution for employee benefitsEuropean employee benefits platform, Club Employés, has partnered with embedded finance specialists, Weavr, to power a debit card solution for employee benefits, which gives employees the power to pick the perks they prefer. By expanding access to relevant benefits through the capabilities of embedded finance, employees are more likely to engage with the benefits provided by their employers.

According to a recent study, 79 percent of individuals who quit their previous job did so because of a lack of appreciation. Club Employés is on a mission to turn this around by giving employees the choice of a range of relevant offers, discounts, and exclusive experiences to use within their app. At present, over 1 million active users across 4000 business customers benefit from the Club Employés platform.

Utilising Weavr’s Employee Benefits solution, the Club Employés card empowers employees to make their own decisions regarding the benefits they want. Employees can pick from a huge range of perks thanks to 98 percent coverage of French cinemas, plus 500 leisure parks, 3,000 sports halls and thousands of concerts and shows. Available now in France, but soon to expand internationally, employees can access over 500,000 offers at attractive prices in both major brands and independent stores.

Lack of employee engagement with benefits is an age-old issue in the industry. Through the collaboration, employees have full visibility over their benefits allowance whilst gaining control over where they spend it, and in a payment form they readily understand. Club Employés demonstrates that employee engagement with benefits can be developed through flexible, convenient, and user-friendly solutions with financial services as a key enabler.

Speaking on Weavr’s new partnership with Club Employés, Alex Mifsud, CEO and Co-founder of Weavr commented: “At Weavr, we’re passionate about using embedded finance to revolutionise existing industries by injecting additional value through integrating financial services. This is especially true with Club Employés’ employee benefits solution, which directly targets the very real issue of employee churn resulting from a lack of appreciation in the workplace. We’re excited to see how embedded finance transforms the freedoms of these end users.”

Speaking on the new partnership, Romain Rostagnat, CEO and co-founder at Club Employés commented: “We have been in pursuit of revolutionising the employee benefits landscape since 2016, offering businesses an efficient route to improving employee satisfaction. We chose Weavr as it was the most complete solution that offers the best combination of speed to market, simplicity to run and seamless customer experience. In the next phase of Club Employés development, as we are confident the team will help us with our international expansion and product development goals.”

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