Connection launches ONE. ONE Module – infinite possibilities

Connection, the British based furniture designer and manufacturer, has added to its existing portfolio of interior architecture products, with the launch of ONE. A unique modular solution, ONE is as the name denotes, one core module that facilitates and supports infinite possibilities. The ONE range comprises of a single core module, supported by a series of simple components to create building blocks, conceptualised to deliver inspiring configurations for inspiring spaces.

The power of ONE lies in the simplicity of its componentry and assembly and makes it truly distinctive in a market of me-too products. The unique combination of elements creates a multitude of functionalities, that build up like a jigsaw puzzle, allowing the specifier to consistently adapt and evolve ONE to ensure that it develops alongside their space.

ONE’s unorthodox shapes derives from powerful shapes formed by nature, from honeycombs to crystals, giving an organic form that provides comfort and seclusion, despite the striking aesthetic.

Customisation is an integral part of ONE, with an array of accompaniments and embellishments available to create a truly space-defining solution. Tables, lighting, and power are all offered, as well as the opportunity for flexibility on the fabric finishes, with solid, multi-position or tri-colour upholstery available on the core seating module.

When conceptualising ONE, the designer placed emphasis upon the need for a range that not only met the needs of the modern workplace but was also relatively future proof. With a library of additional components available to change the function of a configuration, ONE retains the ability to evolve to user demands over time.

As a completely freestanding structure, ONE requires no permission from landlords, no delapse upon moving, no wall, floor, or ceiling fixings, and can be repositioned and disassembled when moving, creating a sustainable long-term solution that can be constantly moved and adapted to any space.

About Connection:

Established  in 1997, Connection is a British brand and manufacturer, recognised as a specialist in micro architecture furniture, creating defined places through soft separation, partitions, or landscaping of a space. Connection designs distinctive products which define space and create a sense of place through offering solutions for visual and acoustic privacy, championing a nomadic product approach, offering agility, modularity & flexibility to a category that is otherwise limited by the permanent nature of architecture.

Connection is part of the Flokk group:

Flokk is the leading manufacturer of high-quality workplace furniture in Europe, developing a growing family of brands. The company is the proud owner of the HA?G, RH, Giroflex, Offecct, Profim, Connection and 9to5 brands. About 1,800 employees work together to achieve Flokk’s vision: Inspire Great Work. The company’s head office is in Oslo, Norway, with main production units in Røros (Norway), Na?ssjo? (Sweden), Turek (Poland), Guangdong (China), Mirfield (UK) and Hawthorne (USA). The company has additional sales offices in Denmark, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, UK, France, Switzerland, Singapore, USA, Canada, China and Australia. Flokk products are sold in more than 80 countries worldwide. In addition, Flokk has a 40-year history of structured focus on the environment, enabling the company to be a leader in the development of sustainable furniture. For more information, please visit