Consensus in property industry for green agenda


The UK Green Building Council, backed by a wide range of trade and professional organisations across the construction and property sector, has sent an open letter to the Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne demanding a suite of policy changes to make the most of the green growth opportunity. The level of collaboration and consensus from within the industry is unprecedented, and includes, among others, support from the British Property Federation, Construction Products Association, British Council for Offices and Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors.

The letter says: “We have come together to demonstrate the remarkable degree of consensus that exists across our industry on the potential for ‘green growth’, which we believe would be instrumental in stimulating economic activity, creating jobs and strengthening our international competitiveness. The green and low carbon agenda have been a major stimulus for innovation in the sector over the last five years, earning the UK an international reputation for leadership that can only benefit UK Plc.”

Key demands include:
• Better incentivisation of Green Deal and a reinstatement of consequential improvements.
• Boost energy saving in commercial buildings by improving and extending Display Energy Certificates to all buildings.
• Ring fenced funding for refurbishing public buildings.

The letter also says: “Our members of course welcome a reduction in burdensome regulation, but it is vital to distinguish between unnecessary red tape, and smart regulation that can provide clear direction as the basis for industry investment, innovation and growth.”

Read the full letter here.