Distinctive yet simply designed: meet KI-nk

Named for its distinctive kinked leg bracket, KI’s new product, ‘KI-nk’, is the perfect addition to your office space. It’s available as part of a table system or as a bench and desk collection. The KI-nk Table System is available in a range of sizes and 3 different shapes – circular, square, and rectangular – so it’s easier to choose the right style for the area you want to fit out, whether that’s a meeting room, a breakout space, executive office, reception, or a café area. Worktops can be specified with either a square or chamfered edge.

The KI-nk bench and desk collection is subsequently a great solution for any workstation needs. Easy reconfiguration of the desks gives the ability to add more desks to create either a single row or a double row (back-to-back). Single desk depths are available in 600, 700 & 800mm while double row depths can be specified in 1200, 1400 & 1600mm. Standard widths vary from 1000 to 1800mm.

The workstations can also be fitted with screens – these can be fitted to the worktop or directly to the frame to add a bit of privacy and to help with acoustics. Additionally, a cantilever end can be attached to the desks to create space for short, impromptu meetings.

Both versions of KI-nk have a light and easy to assemble under-structure of 38mm powder coated tubular steel with an innovative leg-to-rail connection, and a single traverse rail design with KI-branded end caps to ensure clear, unencumbered space above and below the worksurface. Worktops can be specified in either MFC or MDF and have a 2mm ABS edge. They can also be customised with dimmable tubular lamps, planter boxes, shelves, and a selection of cable management options.

The kinked leg bracket also means that KI-nk pairs nicely with a selection of KI’s range of seating with similar features, including their versatile Ruckus chair.

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