Flexible workplace provider creates ‘first ever’ metaverse office

The flexible workplace provider Clockwise has opened what the firm claims is the first office space in the metaverseThe flexible workplace provider Clockwise has opened what the firm claims is the first office space in the metaverse, the Clockwise Campus.  According to Microsoft, 51 percent of Gen Z expects to be working in the metaverse in some capacity by 2024. The firms say the space is heavily influenced by Clockwise’s physical offices and provides a digital platform for its members and the public to connect, collaborate and interact in various spaces including; meeting rooms, dedicated desks, breakout spaces, call zones and a contemplation room.

It claims the amphitheatre space will be home to a series of programming with industry experts and thought leaders across Clockwise’s three events pillars; Social, Wellbeing, and Professional and Personal Development; hosting up to 50 guests at a time. The exciting schedule of events will range from talks and presentations, to more intimate panel discussions, wellbeing events and fireside chats from industry pioneers and inspirational figures to provoke discussion. Collaborating with AI experts as well as the space for summits, the space presents speaking opportunities for Clockwise members to collaborate and share insight and business success and advice.

Without the confinements and barriers of physical space the firm says the Clockwise Campus is ‘a utopian version of its traditional offering. The usual financial, operational and practical concerns don’t need consideration here; no pressure to maximise price per sq ft, anxiety about energy consumption or bad weather; in the metaverse it is always a beautiful dawn-like day with no chance of rain.’

Based on designs by its longstanding collaborator, architecture and design studio, MoreySmith, the firm says the flexible workplace ‘incorporates everything that Clockwise is well known and loved for; stimulating design, varied spaces and a strong focus on wellbeing to enhance productivity’. An ‘infinite moat’ nods to Clockwise Bristol which overlooks the canal. Plentiful planting as found in all Clockwise buildings, and mature trees like those surrounding Wood Green are included.

Users will enter the Clockwise Campus as their own personally-designed avatar and connect with people from different working worlds in a way that has not been done before. Every user has the ability to access the metaverse spaces using a web browser, whether it be for meeting purposes, to attend an event, to converse or to relax and unwind.