Global sustainable real estate securities fund announced

A global sustainable property fund that invests in Real Estate Investment Trusts (REIT) and other publicly traded property companies that meet environmental and social sustainability criteria, has been launched by US real estate investment firm European Investors Incorporated (EII). The focus will be primarily on global equities of companies involved in the ownership, management, development and financing of commercial and residential properties that strive to meet sustainability requirements.
Investors will be able to access EII’s global real estate securities expertise in combination with oekom Research AG (oekom), an independent sustainable research and rating agency. Christian Lange, Co-founder and President of EII, said: “Sustainable Investment is one of the key themes for the twenty-first century. Companies that can combine economic, environmental and social objectives not only minimize their risks, but may also enjoy significant competitive advantages.
“Investors need to be able to rely on high-quality research and specialized real estate securities portfolio management skills and we are excited to deliver these necessary components through our relationship with oekom.”
Added Robert Hassler, CEO oekom research: “The real estate industry is one of the key industries in the fight against climate changes. Energy-efficient homes can make a significant contribution to achieve climate targets, which were recently discussed in Doha. oekom has defined strict requirements for the management of climate risks, as well as other environmental and social challenges, such as demographic changes, on which the fund’s stock selection is based.”