Humanity’s omni-fear or meta-opportunity? Uncertainty Experts (with Sam Conniff)

In the latest episode of Workplace Geeks, Chris and Ian interview serial entrepreneur and purpose-driven pirate Sam Conniff, to explore his new project Uncertainty Experts. Described by Sam as an ‘interactive learning documentary’, their discussions explore the motivations behind his latest venture (with collaborators Katherine Templar Lewis, Dr Avri Bilovich and Dr Vivienne Ming), its inventive design, and Sam’s commitment to academically evaluate its impact.

Uncertainty is arguably at an all time high in modern society, and is typically viewed as a negative and debilitating phenomenon because it triggers reactions of fear, fog and stasis. By developing an understanding of and tolerance to uncertainty, we can improve creativity, productivity and resilience, in effect turning fear into action, fog into adaptability, and stasis into connection. A controlled field study evaluation of the Uncertainty Experts intervention demonstrated positive changes in attitudes and behaviour and practice.

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