Learning first aid is an essential skill for the modern workplace

learning first aidFirst aid is a type of emergency care that is administered in the event of an injury. Volunteers within the community can receive this training so that they can help with emergencies before the proper authorities arrive on the scene. First aid includes CPR, cleaning wounds, and supporting breaks or sprains. A person giving first aid cannot fix a problem- that is for the paramedics and doctors to do. So, why is learning first aid so important, especially in the modern workplace?

To answer these questions, Skills Training Group, who provide training courses in first aid and other essential skills set out four key benefits for people learning first aid.


It saves lives

Starting with the most obvious reason, learning first aid can save lives. A first aid volunteer is taught how to respond correctly in an emergency situation. This means that they can administer any basic medical procedures to keep a person alive until they can receive medical care. For example, administering CPR keeps the heart pumping until the paramedics can arrive with the equipment and knowledge to permanently solve the problem.

What’s more, first aid training teaches a person what not to do in a situation. First, informing individuals properly can prevent people from making an injury worse. Therefore, the injured individual is more likely to pull through.


It is cost-effective 

The ability to save someone’s life is priceless. Unfortunately, hiring someone to train a team full of people about first aid isn’t. First aid training does cost money, but not nearly as much as you might think.

Skills Training Group have been teaching first aid courses for years and have proven, extensive experience. Most groups will only ever charge you for the expenses needed to administer the training instead of the time taken, so you get a cost-effective solution.


It can increase your confidence

Sometimes our biggest worries can stem from feeling useless. This attitude can force some people to drift into the background, which can worsen their confidence issues. Training a person in first aid can rapidly increase a person’s self-worth. Not everyone knows how to react in a crisis, so giving a person first aid skills is a good way to get them out of their comfort zone.

Also, the idea of an unpredictable injury is enough to put anyone on edge. Your staff can rest easy in the knowledge that someone is equipped to help them in the event of an accident.


It can be used in any circumstance

Accidents and injuries don’t just happen in the workplace. Unfortunately, dangers are all around us so you should always be prepared.

Teaching your staff how to administer first aid is useful in case of a workplace accident; however, it can be used in any walk of life. Your staff can use first aid anywhere, which makes them valuable both inside and outside of work.



At the end of the day, workplace safety should always be a priority in most UK offices. That’s why learning first aid is so important for you and your colleagues.