MuteBox brings Scandinavian modular office furniture to the UK

MuteBox, a Danish design company providing affordable but high-quality, modular furniture including meeting rooms and phone booths for open office spaces, today announces its expansion into the UK and Ireland. MuteBox designs, manufactures, and sells sustainable, flexible and modular solutions, with a focus on affordability, high-end design and employee satisfaction. MuteBox One, the company’s flagship offering, starts at £4,495.

MuteBox also offers larger phone booths and office meeting room products – MuteBox Meet, the company’s largest product, which fits two to four people, alongside MuteBox Work – which is a more spacious solo workspace. MuteBox’s larger products begin at £12,495 + VAT.

Headquartered in Denmark, MuteBox sells its products across Europe – with key customers including EY, Volvo, Flying Tiger Copenhagen, Nespresso, the Danish Parliament, Lego, Hugo Boss, Red Cross and Just Eat. MuteBox has hired Adil Sheikh, previously Senior Director at ROOM, to lead expansion efforts, and to manage the UK company and office. He brings significant experience in Go-To-Market strategies and launching new brands across EMEA having spent the last 4 years scaling ROOM into a multi-million pound business across EMEA & APAC prior to their acquisition in August 2023.

MuteBox’s growth in recent years has been powered by a great reset in office space use, which took off prior to the pandemic, which was then accelerated by COVID and the shift from full-time office work to more of a hybrid model.


MuteBox – a more agile, nimble and sustainable alternative to office re-engineering: 

More so than ever, commercial real estate portfolio managers, corporates, co-working space owners – and even larger startups and scale-ups – are more focussed than ever on providing efficiently used, high quality, agile workplaces.

The pandemic, and the focus on hotdesking, efficient space use, shorter term leases and flexibility, has powered the growth of the phone booth. Instead of needing to completely overhaul an office space upon arrival, companies are turning to modular furniture to provide private workspace, and areas for focussed work. MuteBox’s modular offering also has major sustainability implications. The built environment is responsible for around 39 percent of all global greenhouse gas emissions.

This is in part caused by a reliance on office reengineering – whenever a company ends a lease, and a new company takes it over – redesigning office space and open plan layouts every few years. A shift over to modular allows companies to design their working environment as their own, without major structural changes, which are a major source of new and captured emissions for the built world.


MuteBox’s engineering and design philosophy:

MuteBox’s modular phone booths and meeting rooms are all produced from fully circular and sustainable materials. The external wood panels are made from oak wood, grown in europe, whilst the soundproofing furnishings inside each unit are made from upcycled material. This includes acoustic felt made from recycled plastics.

MuteBox’s phone booths are also customisable – the company offers its own customisation service, but customers are also able to remove the external wood panels and place their own style, branding and colour schemes onto them. This reduces the risk of product redundancy if an owner were to change branding or identity – also allowing them to be sold second-hand.

MuteBox was founded by Jonas Kjemtrup in 2019. The company raised its first funds via the Danish version of Dragon’s Den, with Bjerrum Nielsen joining the company as a major shareholder and board member.

MuteBox’s products are produced in Denmark – by the same company that builds and designs all wood frames for renowned speaker brand Bang & Olufsen.

Adil Sheikh, Managing Director at MuteBox, commented: “The corporate world is clamoring for better offices. Office space that better fits the needs of workers – namely access to quiet, reflective, private space, without completely overhauling and rebuilding an office floor. At the same time, every major corporate is under pressure to decarbonise their real estate profile – modular furniture is a simple but powerful solution to this issue, helping drive down emissions from the built environment. MuteBox is not only helping solve these critical commercial issues, but doing so with a high-end design and aesthetics which appeals en masse – bringing Scandinavian style to workspaces UK wide.”