Raising the bar (and hell) with Antony Slumbers

Over a well-earned G&T, Antony Slumbers and Mark Eltringham discuss what makes work great and how we escape the binary loop of headlinesOver a well-earned but unseasonable G&T, Antony Slumbers and Mark Eltringham discuss what makes work and workplaces great, and why bosses aren’t doing all they can to make them so. They also riff on the origins and wisdom of determining how much time people should spend in an office and how we escape the interminable binary loop of headlines about whether the home or the office is a better place to work. Antony talks about the role of AI in the future of work and property and what people should focus on in their changing lives.

Antony is a globally recognised speaker, advisor and writer on PropTech and space-as-a-service. A serial entrepreneur, he has founded and exited several PropTech software companies and now consults real estate boards around the world on their transformation, technology and innovation strategies. You can find his blog at antonyslumbers.com. He teaches the online #GenerativeAIforRealEstatePeople course – details at antonyslumbers.com/course

He speaks internationally on ‘#SpaceasaService: The Trillion Dollar Hashtag’, #GenerativeAIforRealEstatePeople, Innovation, and the future of Cities, Work and the Workplace.

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