Revised guidance is published by the BIFM on space planning and management 0

Revised guidance is published by the BIFM on space planning and managementThe British Institute of Facilities Management (BIFM) has issued updated guidance to help in-house FM teams understand what is involved in managing and changing space. The revised Space Planning and Management Good Practice Guide aims to provide practical advice on the tools and techniques that can be deployed when planning and managing space, clearly illustrating the processes involved and enabling facilities managers to set overarching space management strategies for their organisation. Key areas covered in the guide include space demands, strategy and standards, programming and managing projects and the technologies available to help with the process. The guide has been updated by its original author Joanna Eley, director of Alexi Marmot Associates.

BIFM’s research and information manager Peter Brogan said: “Making the most of an organisation’s existing space through effective space planning and management has a major impact on its ability to meet business needs, establish brand and organisational culture, achieve sustainability targets and enhance user comfort.

“Successful space planning can help FMs plan for and manage change within their facilities, and results from not only the accurate collection and organisation of data, but from focused analysis and consideration of the options available. Therefore, a thorough understanding of what’s involved is essential if FMs are to support their organisation’s business objectives, and as such it forms part of the FM Professional Standards.”

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