Take me home, country roads. Mike Petrusky on the Workplace Cocktail Hour

Joining Mark Eltringham this week on the Workplace Cocktail Hour podcast is Mike Petrusky. He is the head of podcasts at Eptura and host of the Workplace Innovator podcast which you can find here. In an open, frank conversation we discuss how to have better conversations about the workplace (and everything else), solidarity with our fellow humans, the death of Shane McGowan, mental illness and what firms can and can’t do about it, what we do and don’t know and the need for humility in the way we share our opinions.

Inevitably, we also get on to the subject of music. In a very short time, we touch on Bulgarian, Irish and American folk music, operetta, pop, rock, country, post-punk, indie, electronica and supergroups and whatever else came to mind. Full playlist for this episode at the bottom of this page.





This is the third in a new series which we will publish every week. Each episode will look at the major workplace related news stories from the last week or so. There’ll be no editing, the episode is recorded in real time at the end of each Thursday, so we’ll be talking straight and reacting to current news and events. Each week’s guest is invited to nominate a topic for discussion and a drink for us to share. Doesn’t have to be alcoholic (the first week’s guest Chris  Moriarty is teetotal) but the intention is to talk like normal, informed humans over a shared drink, maybe even engage in a little lively, agreeable disagreement. At some point, we’ll be doing it in person.

If you’d like to take part in what we hope is an informed, intelligent and maybe challenging series, we’d love to hear from you. All of the Workplace Insight podcasts are available on SoundcloudAmazonSpotify and iTunes.