Create collaboration corners with ThinkingWall mobile walls from Logovisual

Collaboration furniture specialist Logovisual have expanded their range of ThinkingWall® mobile walls. The range answers the increasing demand on modern office spaces to be flexible to meet the needs of different workers and tasks. From small team huddles to a video call, the team at Logovisual believe building in visual and acoustic privacy is key in an open plan space. The new ThinkingWall® Mobile Acoustic Curve and ThinkingWall® AV Divider fit with other units from the ThinkingWall® Mobile range to create amazing, adaptable collaboration spaces. They are quick and simple to switch out and move around as often as required to divide workspaces and make flexible layouts.

Logovisual have over 25 years’ experience in designing and developing collaboration furniture including visual thinking and planning systems. Dan Varney, MD of Logovisual, was heavily involved in the design of the range and explained the thinking behind the concept:

“The current trend is very much in reducing conventional desking and seating in order to re-purpose office spaces as places to come together to meet, to catch up, to collaborate… Places to foster community, shared culture and purpose. You can’t do that in rows of desks, and the team that’s in today might be bigger or smaller or needing to work very differently tomorrow. You kind of need flexible spaces that can be adapted on the fly without getting the builders in each time. Our products are about making that possible”.

[perfectpullquote align=”right” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]The current trend is very much in reducing conventional desking and seating in order to re-purpose office spaces[/perfectpullquote]

There is no ‘one size fits all’ with the ThinkingWall® range. Logovisual build all the wheeled units to order, working with architects, space planners and in-house teams. Although there are standard products that make optimum use of materials and space, these are a starting point to showcase the possibilities that are available. ThinkingWall® dividers and partitions can incorporate a host of practical features such as dry wipe surfaces, storage, full or part acoustic panels, shelving and digital connectivity via an AV screen. Designed to work alone or in multiples, each unit is easy to move into position to reconfigure space.

The new ThinkingWall® Mobile Acoustic Curve shares design aesthetics with the ThinkingWall® Acoustic Freestander, with a simple low-profile base with exposed ply edge finish. Unique grooves in the acoustic surface lend a modern, sculptural finish. The curves can fit at each end of a single wall, next to each other to give a more enclosed booth, or in an S shape to offer pod-type spaces on each side. Sturdy lockable castors glide over hard or carpeted floors, and the unit will even fit into a standard passenger lift for easy transport between rooms on different floors.

Logovisual created the curved acoustic surface with the help of The Acoustics Company in Telford, UK.

Jake Baker, MD of The Acoustics Company, commented: “It’s great to work with a company like Logovisual, who see the potential in our materials and have the insight to see it through to the innovation of a new product in a market they know and understand”.

The second addition to the range, the ThinkingWall® AV Divider adds space for a digital screen to the original ThinkingWall® Divider concept. A folding shelf and USB sockets sit neatly at one end, designed to hold a laptop or tablet. Drywipe surface to each side contrasts with coloured ends to match any interior palette. Add a wireless webcam to the top of the unit and it is ready for video calls and presentations. Or turn the whole wall smoothly on the six castors to use the reverse as a full writing surface for a flexible, space efficient solution.

Other products soon to be introduced include a unit that incorporates shelving for display or storage.

Logovisual will be showcasing the ThinkingWall® Mobile Acoustic Curve and the ThinkingWall® AV Divider alongside other products in the range at the Workplace Design Show at the Business Design Centre in London on 4th & 5th November 2021.