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the digital version of issue 18 of IN Magazine is right on time to deliver all your festive workplace thinking.Well Christmas may get earlier every year, but the digital version of issue 18 of IN Magazine is right on time to deliver all your festive workplace thinking. In this issue: why the world’s biggest tech firms may no longer offer the best blueprint for working culture; Nigel Oseland doesn’t like Half Man Half Biscuit for some reason but does have a lot of great things to say about evaluating offices; you can’t just copy the design of an office you like and expect it to work the same; nothing about working life attracts more moans than noisy colleagues, so we look at one or two things you can do about it; why sometimes you have to turn your back on rationality; Kay Sargent and Jennifer Bryan urge you to change your habits; how to make the most of each day; and the brakes the UK is applying to its own aim of becoming a science and tech superpower. And of course much more.

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The creation of landmark headquarters might be a sign of trouble

A dream of flying cars and the rebirth of a district in Turkey

Andrew Mawson and Jo Knight open up



Profile – Nigel Oseland
Nigel Oseland has been shaping the workplace conversation based on his own research for many years. And he likes prog and indie music

FAANGS for the Memory
We used to look at the offices of the major tech firms for inspiration. But those days may be gone, says Helen Parton

Strange Cargo
You can’t just change a workplace culture by adopting the features of workplaces you admire.

Give Peace a Chance
The office may be reinventing itself as a place of collaboration and solcialisation, but it shouldn’t bcome a place of too much distraction

Of Form and Function
We shouldn’t let our belief in rationality blind us to the unquantifiable power of beauty and the natural world

Habit Forming
Jennifer Bryan and Kay Sargent set out the changed behaviours we should try to develop for a new era of work

Beauty Parade
Beauty in architecture can’t be enforced – but design competitions could help architects strive for it, writes Gethin Davison

Lab Rats
A lack of the right sort of space is acting as a brake on the development of the UK as a science and research superpower

Tick tock
For thousands of years, mankind has sought to make the most of each working day. But we shouldn’t overdo it




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The final word on … workplace trends

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