Do organisations actually know what their people do?

Do organisations truly understand how their people work? A big question that needed some unpacking and was explored at a recent Workplace Evolutionaries event, led by Tim Allen and Mark Eltringham. This is raw audio from the event so includes a brief chat about dogs and some other stuff.

It explored aspects of how to encourage organisations to explore their understanding in more detail; how questions around productivity (personal and organisational) can hinder that exploration and set you on a different (and difficult) path that might have more to do with presenteeism and control; how trust is still a dominating factor in the decision-making process; whether we are mistaking hybrid working for rota working and how is it different to flexible working; where best for creativity and innovation; whether we are entering a time where organisations need to accept more uncertainty in the short-term as it is a complex area of functionality; it’s about the meetings between the meetings and the individual, informal organisational structure to achieve delivery rather than the official hierarchy.

Then there is a wider conversation including a discussion on the idea of the 4-day week and other ideas centred on the new era of work.

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