Global FM announces strategic vision & FM award winners

Global FM

Global FM, (Global Facility Management Association) has formalised changes to its strategic plan. It follows the recommendations of a special Taskforce set up last year to evaluate the structure, objectives and activities of the association, a worldwide federation of member-centric organisations representing the facilities management profession. The Association explains the taskforce was: “In agreement that a more simplified structure would allow a better use of resources focussing on activities that create added value for the association and its members and avoiding any duplication of the outcomes of the national FM associations.”

The changes, approved by members in December were to membership categories, voting rights, new positions on the board – including a Communications Director and the creation of an Executive Committee of Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary.

In its latest newsletter, Global FM also lists the winners of the third annual Global FM Awards for Excellence in Facilities Management, revealed at IFMA’s World Workplace Conference & Expo 2012.

Platinum Award winners:
• Stuart Cranna, Workplace Area Manager, KPMG, KPMG Gold – 15 Canada Square, submitted by BIFM (British Institute of Facilities Management)
• Mike Mackay, Serco Healthcare Enabling Services, in partnership with Forth Health and NHS Forth Valley (NHSFV), Forth Valley Royal Hospital, submitted by BIFM

Gold Award winner:
• Yasmin Abdul Ahmed, Woolworths, Grey Water Usage, submitted by SAFMA (South African Facilities Management Association)

Silver Award winner:
• Eduardo Barbosa, Hines Gerenciamento de Propriedades, Best Practices Hines, submitted by ABRA-FAC (Associação Brasileira de Facilities)

The announcement was made by Teena Shouse, Global FM’s Chairperson, Bill Conley, Chair of Global FM’s Awards Taskforce and two representatives of ISS, (Global FM headline Sponsor for the Awards) Peter An-kerstjerne and Sean Bond; at the press centre of World Workplace in San Antonio, Texas, U.S.A.

Said Teena Shouse: “I wish to share my sincere congratulations and warm regards to all of the individuals and organizations who were nominated and considered for this recognition. The sole purpose of these awards is to continue to elevate the profession through the sharing of FM excellence. Congrats to the winners and I only ask that you continue to share with the world your wisdom and commitment to making FM the most respected profession on the globe.”

More details about the Global FM Awards eligibility rules and criteria are available on the website: