Goldman Sachs submits plans for troubled European HQ

Following recent reports that a growing number of firms were locating in the burgeoning creative centres of East London,investment bank Goldman Sachs has finally submitted plans for the 1.2m sq ft nine storey headquarters building KPF in Farringdon Street. The KPF-designed development will replace two existing buildings – the 13 storey Fleet Building and adjacent Plumtree Court which Goldman Sachs acquired in 2011.

The process of developing the site has not been entirely straightforward. Not least because in November of 2011 Goldman Sachs learned that the government had granted protected status to murals adorning the front of the Fleet Building. Goldman Sachs in turn argued that the nine Dorothy Annan ceramic panels (pictured), with their depictions of aspects of telecommunications dating from the 1960s were by a minor artist and so did not merit listing. However, last September Goldman Sachs agreed to conditions as part of the planning consent, that it must meet all reasonable costs associated with their removal.

The scheme will mean the demolition of both Plumtree Court and the Fleet Building.