Google is Generation Y’s choice as world’s most attractive employer

Google is Generation Y's choice as world's most attractive employerCool offices, generous employee perks and of course being a successful global tech firm may seem the obvious reasons why Google is perceived as the world’s most attractive employer by Generation Y, according to a global poll. However, employer branding company Universum Global’s annual list of the 50 companies business and engineering students would choose as the best to work for, finds the most common characteristics young workers consider most important in a potential employer are pretty much the same applicants of all ages would cite. These are; market success, professional training and development opportunities, supportive leaders and job security. So maybe Millennials aren’t so easily swayed by nap pods after all.

The survey of nearly 94,000 business students at more than 1,300 colleges conducted in the world’s twelve largest economies measures which companies are globally recognized as being ideal employers and are top of mind. The 2013 business ranking shows fierce competition between the professional services, investment banking and fast moving consumer goods industries. KPMG, last year’s second place contender, has dropped six places to be re-placed by EY (Ernst & Young), which climbed four slots.

The organisations in the top ten on the engineering list have remained fairly stable compared to last year. Employers in the computer and software space are vying for the top spot, which has been Google’s home for five years, while Microsoft (no. 2) replaces IBM (no. 3) in second place. Employers in this sector are highly associated with innovation and exciting products and services – two attributes that are very important to engineers.

“The reason why these employers are seen as being attractive is due to their strong association to attributes that students consider important, such as market success, professional training and development and providing secure employment. This might come as a surprise as there is a view of Gen Y valuing more corporate social responsibility, a friendly work environment and flexible working conditions”, said Petter Nylander, UnIvERSUM’s CEO

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