Guide argues positive green message for sustainable gains


Fear, despair and resignation do not motivate people to change their practices; they should instead be inspired by the positive messages of sustainable living. In Guide to Sustainia international sustainability initiative Sustainia argues innovation has made such impressive leaps over the last decade it’s now possible to break with the perception of a sustainable society as one of limitations. With cities and developers already assembling the nuts, bolts and designs of a more sustainable future, the guide presents a compilation of real initiatives and technologies from around the world, in a blueprint for a sustainable future.

Laura Storm, Executive Director of Sustainia, lead-author of Guide to Sustainia said: “The dominating story for our future presents gloomy scenarios of 2, 4 or 6 degree societies. Fear, despair and resignation do not motivate people to change their practices.

“With Guide to Sustainia, we want to offer a new narrative that shows the exciting sustainable living we could achieve with exciting solutions. But the book is not just a playful exercise, it is a part of an important vision to engage and motivate consumers, CEOs, decision makers to change practices.”

The authors behind Guide to Sustainia have researched a scenario, where readily available solutions – all existing today- are implemented at large scale across sectors and countries.  The result shows how our cities, homes, travel habits and industries would look if transformed by sustainable solutions such as; retrofitting of homes, solar farms, smart grid, green roofs and solar-powered jet travel.

Guide to Sustainia, which has been endorsed by none other than Arnold Schwarzenegger, Chair of Regions20 and Honorary Chair of Sustainia as, “my kind of world,” presents sustainable technology, best practice and innovation in six key sectors of society; Energy, city planning, homes, transportation, fashion and health industry. For each sector, the book presents scenarios, how-to guides and principals for sustainable living fitted for a low-carbon economy.

It also flags up the health benefits of sustainability. Lise Kingo, Executive VP and Chief of Staffs, Novo Nordisk, Partner of Sustainia: “Solutions aimed at improving public health and advancing sustainable development are rarely designed in the same room. This needs to change.

“With Guide to Sustainia’s focus on health, we wish to create a shared vision for how people can live healthy lives on a healthy planet. The first step is to inspire integrated solutions that make both people and the planet more resilient.”