Is working from home creating an epidemic of burnout and loneliness? Spacemade has an answer

Many people working from home complain of feeling isolated and burnt out. So could a serviced office be the answerSince the pandemic, 69 percent of UK businesses have adopted a hybrid working model offering employees greater autonomy in their working lives. While this flexibility sounds ideal, it has unexpectedly created a work wellness issue, with employers reporting they have seen a 77 percent surge in mental health issues in 2023, vs 44 percent in 2022.  In a recent survey by Statista, 21 percent of workers said that their biggest struggle with working from home was that they had no reason to leave it.

What was once a novelty, has fast become socially isolating for many who thrive on face-to-face contact and interactions. In addition, a lack of separation between home and work life for those who work remotely, has resulted in a sharp rise in workplace burnout as people struggle to switch off and are instead working longer hours than they should be.

Last year, London was voted the loneliest place to live in the UK with the highest number of one-person households. With more people living alone and many now also working remotely, day-to-day social interactions have naturally reduced, fuelling a pandemic of loneliness across the Capital.

Not only does working from home contribute to loneliness, it is also reported to have an impact on productivity. A recent study by Stanford’s Institute for Economic Policy and Research points to a 10 percent-20 percent decrease in productivity for fully remote workers. Keeping up with house chores and an increase in screen time are just some of the many distractions workers experience.

So, what can businesses do to find a happy medium for employees? Utilising a co-working space to offer a truly hybrid working model is an ideal solution.

Spacemade, the UK’s fastest-growing flexible workspace operator, has seen a 137 percent increase in enquiries for flexible office space since the pre-pandemic era. It has recently opened the doors to its latest offering, Elmtree, based in the heart of Marylebone and has since seen many employers wanting to offer their staff a sophisticated, hospitality-led, flexible workspace, becoming members of Elmtree.

Becoming an Elmtree member, offers more than just an office or hot desk. Instead, members are welcomed into a community of like-minded professionals who come together to share ideas, knowledge, and opportunities. Elmtree’s core value is to foster collaborations and nurture growth. One of the ways it does this is through a carefully curated, community-driven programme that help its members to learn new skills and grow its network through wellness and social events. Elmtree is all about cultivating real world, meaningful connections, not digital ones.

We caught up with Spacemade co-founder, Jonny Rosenblatt, on why he believes flexible co-working memberships are the way forward for businesses:

“Elmtree is such an exciting offering for Spacemade to bring to the market. We have created something totally unique by giving our members a space that feels like home. We have had fun with the design, combining the magical interiors of the Georgian townhouses with a twist of 70s funk. Giving our members a reason to come to the office instead of working from home is now of paramount importance. We see it as our mission to ensure our spaces offer something you simply cannot get at home. We want our members to flourish in the company of others. Simply put, real world connections are infinitely better than digital ones and we believe in Elmtree’s ability to make those happen”.

Elmtree has received a host of positive feedback from its members already. Some examples are below.

“Great vibe, love the interior design which makes the work place a happier and chilled location. Cannot stress enough of how friendly and helpful the staff are. I would highly recommend Elmtree as a flexible working space.”

“Elmtree is a brand-new flex-office facility. It is extremely well renovated and feels more like a boutique hotel than a typical co-working space. We are very happy to be the first tenants. Also big shout-out to the staff who are amazingly helpful and dedicated.”

“Really enjoying our new Spacemade space The Elmtree. The refurbishment is great, breakouts spaces, meeting rooms and tech are all top notch. The concierge team has been efficient, helpful and welcoming. Also enjoying the Tuesday Breakfasts and Fruit in the Kitchen.”

“Elmtree is a brilliant space for productive flow. A really cosy vibe and lots of seating options to choose from for co-working. The concierge team is great and ensure that everything runs like clockwork.”

“Great location in a really convenient place, right on the Elizabeth line. Loved the cool quirky building, lots of nice well furnished, new rooms with comfortable chairs and very clean. Smells lovely. It has really improved my productivity. The concierge team has been fantastic ensuring a the best coworking experience I have had.”

Private office space at Elmtree starts from £800 per desk, per month and co-working spaces start from £129 per month.

You can discover more on Elmtree here.