New future of work initiative will embrace uncertainty and escape binary thinking

future of workWith so much uncertainty around the future of work in 2022, confusion and noise about the workplace, Everything Omni is launching a new way to deal with the current challenges, by inviting everyone to co-create better ways in navigating the confusion in the ever-changing working environment. Everything Omni is a unique concept offering a holistic, multi-dimensional approach to current workplace issues and the future of work. It is an independent entity giving everyone the opportunity to discover what exists beyond the binary options currently being discussed in the workplace arena.

Everything Omni is launching a series of Omnirama weekly events, every Wednesday from March 23rd – April 27th on “Understanding the Uncertainty of Work”, with 16 leading speakers from all over the world encompassing a variety of areas in the working environment and global business, delving into all aspects of work, the workforce and the workplace.

Speakers will include: Caroline Waters, George Muir, Perry Timms, Chris Kane, Wanda Wallace, Rob Harris, Barry Varcoe, Paul Conneally

Omnirama’s launch event on “The Uncertainty of People” kicks-off the series on Wednesday March 23rd at 15:00 GMT.

This is the first step into this unique crowdsourcing journey of knowledge, discussion and debate with everyone interested partaking in dynamic conversations to develop practical, real-time solutions into the ways we work now and beyond.

This will be followed by two further incubator Omni Discovery events to really get to the nub of the topic, provoking debate and further insights. This communal approach within an unbiased platform should provide participants with added value to their knowledge base and decision-making potential, through wide-ranging objective perspectives.

Join us in looking at things beyond the existing playbooks and shaping the agenda on

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EVERYTHING OMNI is a holistic, multi-dimensional, open-system concept and approach to work, the workforce and the workplace.  OMNIRAMA is an open platform and community which engages in the dilemmas of the workplace environment. Through OMNI DISCOVERY we provide real-time, practical advice and ways of finding deliverable solutions to current work and workplace challenges,



  • George Muir – Futurist and Business Strategist, Udal Cuain AB. Developed and led
  • IKEA’s future workplace programme and retail business in Eastern Europe and China.
  • Chris Kane – Co-Founder of Six Ideas Ltd. Author of “Where Is My Office? Reimagining the Workplace for the 21st Century”. Former VP CRE Walt Disney and Head of BBC Workplace.
  • Anna Todorova – MSc Psychology with a multi-disciplinary background in Politics, Philosophy and Law LLB. Former Project Manager for Measuremen, a data collecting/ reporting company.
  • Eugenia Anastassiou – Journalist and Writer. Co-writer on the book “Where Is My Office? Reimagining the Workplace for the 21st Century