Bisley presents Quarters: A place to call your own

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Bisley, working in conjunction with Anglepoise, presents Quarters, a new collection of booth seating with integral secure locker space and lighting, perfectly placed to meet the needs of the post-Covid workplace.

The need to adapt to new and flexible working patterns has never been stronger. We need places to team up for face-to-face meetings and lively collaborations now that we’re able to return to the workplace. This is where Quarters, a flexible family of sheltered working spaces, comes in. This range is designed to provide a haven away from the busy workplace. And, uniquely designed with personal storage embedded for easy access, Quarters ensures that all your belongings are tucked safely away within the booths while you work.

Recognising the need for adaptability within workspaces, Quarters booths can be configured so you can decide on their purpose. Quarters’ hard-working, multi-functional spaces mean that you can pick your quarter depending on your focus, whether you need a single booth to concentrate, a double booth for ideas and co-working, or a meeting booth for private group meetings. Quarters’ flexibility can change, adapt and grow as you and your organisation does.

Richard Costin, CEO of Bisley said, ‘The office landscape is constantly changing, and the pandemic has meant that we’ve needed to adapt our working spaces as more individuals embrace a hybrid way of working, with companies providing space for collaboration, as well as places for individuals to focus.’

The product brings a a sense of calm and belonging to an office environment, as well as peace of mind, with its unique secure storage element. Quarters features specialised sound-dampening panels which envelop the storage component so users have all the buzz of a busy office, while providing something of a buffer to prevent the noise becoming a distraction enabling people to enjoy a tranquil and relaxing retreat. The booths come in two heights, one a ‘garden fence’ level, giving the option for a quick hello to a passerby and a higher, more private option for a no-distractions confidential meetings. Agile workers will delight in the personal storage element which enables belongings to be safely tucked away within the booths while you work, Power is provided via a USB type A&C under the seat and at table top height for maximum convenience.

Lighting manufacturer Anglepoise is a perfect fit for Bisley, being both British brands. Quarters incorporates Anglepoise’s Type 80 lamp, which has a halo lightscape effect, courtesy of its classic conical lampshade. This is a design by Sir Kenneth Grange Design Director at Anglepoise, who is responsible for some iconic British designs including the Kenwood Chef, the regional Royal Mail postbox and the Intercity 125. There are also other synergies between the two companies, both being British, privately owned and established in the early 1930s. Within the design itself, the radius of the Quarters’ panel and stitch detailing matches that of the Type 80 lampshade. Colour-wise, Type 80 is available in black, grey, pistachio and rose pink, while the screens and the seating booths are available in multiple tonal fabric options.

Robin Bayliss, Group Sales Director said of the collaboration, ‘Quarters is a very unique product for Bisley and a milestone in our continued uplift of our brand and product equity – introducing upholstery for the first time. I am also incredibly delighted with our collaboration with another iconic British brand Anglepoise; putting our two companies together in a product collaboration has been very exciting, expecially now to launch it after two years of designing and planning’.