The new issue of IN is now available to read online

The new issue of IN Magazine is now available to read online. The print edition will be sent out next week. In this issue, amongst other things: Joanna Knight in conversation with Georgia Elliott-Smith on the harsh realities of workplace sustainability; Chris Kane and Eugenia Anastassiou on cutting through the workplace chatter; commentary from Guenaelle Watson, Will Easton and José Alberto Rodriguez Ruiz; Rob Harris on the new age of networks; the history and future of biophilic design; a look at the new workplace utopias; Louis Wustemann on the need to focus on people, not places; Sara Bean on the experiential workplace; Helen Parton visits the new office of Paymentsense; and much more.






Why we need to discuss workplace issues with more humility


An idea that may help women gain some degree of potty parity (at last) and a new smart city concept takes shape beneath Mount Fuji


Our experts this month include Guenaelle Watson, Will Easton and José Alberto Rodriguez Ruiz




Joanna Knight talks to Georgia Elliott-Smith about the changing landscape for workplace sustainability

Sound and fury

The pandemic sparked an explosive blast of talk about work and workplaces. But how do we cut through the noise?

Net gains

The dominance of corporations is receding and the property sector needs to wake up to the growing need for networks

Hold the line

Flexible working should focus on the needs of people and that means offering them real choices about where and how to work

The experiential workplace

There remains far too much talk about the places we work, and not nearly enough about the way we experience it

Natural order

The long history of biophilic design may offer some clues about where we go next in the quest for wellbeing

Case study: Paymentsense

A new space in London proves offices should be defined by their ability to adapt as well as foster creativity

The machine stops

History tells us that sudden upheavals trigger a fresh yearning for utopias. So what ideas of paradise will we now see emerge?

In the wrong role

We’re so focussed on presenting female role models in STEM, we forget to think about which role models are best



Wellbeing Matters

Exploring the facets of wellbeing


Our round up of company news, new products and upcoming events

Object – Handles

A new fear of the things with which we come into contact