The new wellbeing movement: Anna Davison in conversation

This is the second of six special episodes of the Workplace Insight podcast in which we consider what are the most important facets of workplace wellbeing.  The guest in this episode is Anna Davison who is head of workplace wellbeing at ukactive. Anna says her mission is to develop “the value of physical activity in all workplaces, delivering value to our members aligned to our wider mission of More People, More Active, More Often.”

In the episode, Anna talks about the ways that organisations can help to improve the wellbeing of people in the workplace, looking at the vital role of ergonomics as well as the growing emphasis on movement and physical activity and the role that workplace design and new working cultures can play and what organisations can do to integrate more activity into people’s daily lives.

ukactive is one of the driving forces behind a new approach to physical activity and wellbeing in people’s lives. It draws on the expertise and energy of such high profile figures as Dame Tanni Grey Thompson and Dame Carol Black and works with people and organisations across the UK.

ukactive describes its vision as improving the health of the nation through promoting active lifestyles.  It achieves this by facilitating partnerships, campaigning and providing membership services. It provides a supportive, professional and innovative platform for partners to succeed in achieving their goals and create the conditions in which our sector can grow.

We are incredibly grateful to Wellworking for making the series possible. Not only with their sponsorship but in their role as one of the UK’s leading organisations in the field and their commitment to an informed debate on what is a complex and changing issue.

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