Webinar: How to adapt to a new era of dynamic space management

As organizations adopt hybrid work, reduce their real estate footprint and redesign floor plans, space planners are running into a slew of new challenges.  Yesterday’s antiquated tools can’t handle these challenges, because they were built for the old, relatively static world of work.

As a result, today’s space planner needs to:

– Radically increase floor plan accuracy and speed of updates
– Handle complex, unpredictable work patterns and hybrid assignments
– Fit more people into less space while improving workplace experience

Dynamic space management is helping space planners solve these challenges while transforming their businesses and improving workplace experience. Tune into HubStar’s upcoming webinar on Tuesday August 10th at 4 PM BST/11 AM EST to find out how space planners are using a game-changing new approach to solving these challenges and future-proof their strategies.

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