Workplace furniture specialists Sketch launch homeworking portal

homeworkingSketch, the independent workplace furniture specialist, has launched Home-Work by Sketch – a homeworking furniture specification service, with an ordering website for the employees of corporate enterprise in the UK. Even before the Coronavirus pandemic, flexible and homeworking were becoming increasingly popular helping organisations to attract top talent and improving employee well-being, as well as supporting business continuity, and allowing an agile response to unexpected challenges.

Using Home-Work, Sketch’s design development, specification and online ordering portal, clients can personalise homeworking furniture and services for their employees. Alongside furniture and ergonomic tools, Sketch can wrap Display Screen Equipment (DSE) Assessments and IT distribution and installation, into a tailored service.

The online portal allows the employee to log on securely to order furniture and accessories, which are delivered safely to the individual anywhere in the UK. All of the furniture options available via the portal are carefully tailored to each client and their employee’s requirements and have been selected because they’re easy to set up, comfortable and suitable for the home environment whatever the setting.

Susan Hann, Managing Director of Sketch, said: “Many recent studies have shown that employers and their employees want to continue to work flexibly and have more autonomy over how and where they work.  The majority of businesses will have a proportion of employees working from home for at least some of the week, and although employers cannot influence whether their employees have a dedicated home office, they can provide their employees with a furniture solution which supports their wellbeing and allows them to be productive.

“We have taken time in the past few months to understand the needs of employers and their employees, culminating in the on-line ordering system, which provides an easy to use, secure platform with UK wide distribution to streamline the service experience we provide.”