Is workplace management now a core capability for knowledge businesses?

workplace managementThat’s the key question for delegates coming to this year’s Workplace Week Convention at PWC’s More London office on the 6th November. Entitled ‘The Work/place revolution….taking human performance to new levels’ the convention aims to explore what organisations need to do to get ‘personal best’ performance from every worker on the payroll.For years, the management of Facilities has been viewed by many leaders as ‘non core’, but recent research by AWA (Advanced Workplace Associates),the organisers of Workplace Week, suggests that this may no longer be true for knowledge based businesses. ‘It’s becoming clear that the way the workplace is designed and managed can have a really dramatic impact on the performance of knowledge workers in ways that have not previously considered. Knowledge workers think for a living it’s critical that everything is created to give them the best chance of delivering a great performance.

On the subject of improving the mental (cognitive) performance of workers, Kieron Sparrowhawk, Chairman of MyCognition will explain how factors within the control of workplace managers can drive up cognitive performance. Professor Rob Briner of Bath University and Eric Barends from the Centre for Evidence Based Management in Amsterdam will be revealing the 6 Factors of Knowledge Worker Productivity and David Sharp of Workplace International will lead a provocative social session in which delegates will work together to work out what this new thinking means for the workplace.

There are case studies from Owen Sharp, CEO of Prostate Cancer UK and Denise Harrison, Global Head of Real Estate at Invesco on using the workplace to effect business change.For this who can’t make the whole day there is a ‘Workshop within the convention’ Putting people at the heart of Workplace Management which will be an expose of The Workplace management Framework, an ‘Open standard’ developed by a cross industry group led by Graham Jervis and Andrew Mawson of AWA. The framework sets out 10 management capabilities for managing the 21st Century Workplace and aims to provide an aiming point for leaders involved in the management of the workplace.

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