IFMA & BIFM to discuss work and place at Workplace Strategy Summit

Workplace summit to discuss work and placeLeading academics and experts in the fields of facility management and real estate are meeting to discuss the most innovative concepts to emerge in workplace strategy at the Workplace Strategy Summit, beginning this weekend at the Wokefield Park Conference Centre in Berkshire. The International Facility Management Association (IFMA), British Institute of Facilities Management (BIFM) and IFMA Foundation will come together from 8-10 June to discuss the themed “Innovation on the Edge.” The editorial team at Workplace Insight has produced a special issue of the Occupiers Journal, Work & Place featuring in depth articles, case studies and comments from some of the key speakers at the event. Paul Carder, publisher of Work & Place said: “As well as the journal’s obvious relevance to the creators and managers of places we were also keen to find subjects which are equally relevant to managers of the “work” process.”

According to Tony Keane, President and CEO, International Facility Management Association, innovation in the workplace is among today’s best ways to achieve a competitive edge, and facility management professionals are leading the way.

He said: “Experts in our field have demonstrated the importance human principles play in employee satisfaction and productivity. The workplace of tomorrow must factor in everything from worker safety and health to environmental sustainability and resilience. IFMA is proud to be co-hosting this important summit with top experts from around the globe.”

Gareth Tancred, CEO, British Institute of Facilities Management said: “Placing focus on the workplace is critical if we are going to link the work that facilities management professionals do to business objectives.

“Our recent collaboration with CIPD, the professional body for HR and people development, aims to further understand and articulate the connection between people and place. By bringing these two communities of professionals together, and breaking down the silos, we will ensure that FM is on the leadership agenda.

Jeff Tafel, Executive Director, IFMA Foundation said the facility management industry is creating a positive, lasting impact on the lives of workers around the world.

He added: “In support of this progress, the IFMA Foundation is committed to the exploration and development of sound workplace strategies that balance worker productivity and quality of life. We live in an age of technological advancement, and I am confident that this conference will help FM professionals and business owners harness that power in exciting new ways.”

Attendance at the summit is limited and registration is available online at