Generation Y workers take most pride in the workplace, poll finds

Younger workers take most pride in their workplaces finds poll

Over half (58.1 per cent) of UK workers are proud to work for their current organisation, and younger workers feel the most pride, according to a new poll. The latest in a bewildering series of contradictory stats on Generation Y – finds that over three fifths (64.1 per cent) of employees aged between 16-24 say they are proud of working for their current employer. But the research by recruiter hyphen suggests that while pride is high, managers may not be directly responsible for the rise. Just six out of 10 (62.8 per cent) workers believe their organisation seeks their opinion, listens and respects their views, dropping from over three quarters (77.9 per cent) in January 2013.

The poll of 1,000 workers also found that pride in the workplace amongst women has remained at consistently high levels, with nearly a third (60.1 per cent) describing themselves as proud to work for their employer, up from under a half (49.2 per cent) in March 2012.

The figures suggest the recent drives to increase the number of women at the top of business, and create an equal footing for both men and women at work, may be having a positive cultural impact on the workplace and the way female employees feel about work generally. To maintain this level of workplace pride throughout 2013, organisations must create a strong framework to develop opportunities for women to recognise success, warns hyphen.

Meanwhile three fifths (61.7 per cent) of employees believe their manager empowers them to do their job – a drop from over three quarters (76.1 per cent) in January.

Zain Wadee, Managing Director at hyphen said: “Managers need to ensure communication levels are maintained and employees continue to feel empowered and listened to if organisations are to get the most out of their workforce.

“Engagement and workplace pride have a close relationship; and managers need to ensure they are providing a positive working environment that both engages and develops the workforce. This will help create employees that feel part of the company’s development and will have a demonstrable impact on retention of talent.”

“We are particularly encouraged to see a shift in the levels of workplace pride reported by female UK workers in 2013.  These are signs that organisations are reacting positively to the drive for a more inclusive working culture, and are creating an engaging environment that allows both male and female workers to develop and thrive professionally.”