How Adolf Hitler’s desk came to be modified and used for another fifty years

Hitler's deskIt would have been a bit early for Christmas anyway, but German authorities who have identified the desk Hitler used while working in the Reichkanzlei during the War say it isn’t for sale, despite the fact it would be valued at tens of thousands of pounds to a specialist collector. In 2014, The Associated Press issued a picture of the desk which was made in 1937 and used in a US military base in Berlin up until 1996. Facilities managers being who they are, when it was handed back to the German authorities it had been modified with fax and telephone connectors. The desk is now kept away from the public gaze in a storeroom in Weissensee near Berlin and Germany says it will never be sold, even though it would prove a very attractive acquisition for collectors of militaria. ‘The desk is, and remains, the property of the Federal Republic,’ said government spokeswoman Jacqueline Besse. However, a piece of another desk belonging to Hitler was sold recently.