Artists sing about office furniture. Part 1 – Harry Nilsson

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Given the complete and utter failure of the world’s artists to draw inspiration from office furniture, this is likely to be the shortest series we’ve ever run. It will start and end here. I’d love to be proved wrong but there cannot be many artists prepared to use something as mundane as a desk to express their feelings about the lack of solidity in their lives. In this case the desk can be interpreted as God or – well – a desk. Nilsson was no sap of course. He was one of the most commercially successful artists of his era without extensive touring and counted amongst his drinking buddies both John Lennon and Keith Moon.

My old desk doesnt’t arabesque,
In the morning when I first arrive.
Its a pleasure to see it’s waiting there for me
To keep my hopes alive.
Such a comfort to know it’s got no place to go,
Its always there.
Its the one thing I’ve got, a huge success,
My Good Old Desk.
My old desk never needs a rest,
And I’ve never once heard it cry.
I’ve never seen it tease, it’s always there to please me
From nine to five.
Such a comfort to know, it’s dependable and slow,
But it’s always there.
Its the friend I’ve got, a giant of all times,
My Good Old Desk.
Oowah Oowah ah ah ah-ah Oowah Oowah ah
My old desk isn’t picturesque,
But it’s happy as a desk can be.
We never say a word, but it’s perfectly alright with me.
For when my hearts on the blow, I just open the drawer
Of my favorite desk.
And what do I see? But a picture of me
Working at my Good Old Desk.
Oowah Oowah ah ah ah-ah Oowah Oowah ah


by Mark Eltringham