Eight sustainability megatrends that will impact on UK real estate

Eight sustainability megatrends that will impact on UK real estate The ‘Big Eight’ sustainability megatrends that will impact on real estate over the next 15-20 years have been identified in a new report by JLL. Analysing a total of 40 themes, JLL’s Upstream Sustainability Services team claims to have pinpointed eight interconnected trends which are most critical. These are the low carbon economy; technological innovation; urbanisation; land and resource scarcity; workforce transformation; changing demographics; health and wellness; and transparency and social value. According to the report these trends present opportunities as well as risks. Forward-thinking companies which are able to unpick and manage climate change and extreme weather risk, build resilient supply chains, exploit the latest developments in technology, and anticipate the needs of the modern office worker or consumer will stay competitive and succeed.

The report discusses practical steps across retail, residential, offices and industrial & logistics asset-types that should be considered by property investors, developers and corporate occupiers who want to future-proof their business in the long term.

Beth Ambrose, Associate Director, Upstream Sustainability Services, JLL, said: “These megatrends are evolving at an unparalleled speed – ten times the pace of the industrial revolution with 3,000 times the impact. They are fundamentally changing the way we live and do business so companies must innovate ahead of anticipated changes and adapt so that they are at least robust, and at best flourishing, in the long term.

“Technological innovation, resource constraints, changing demographics, climate change and the shift to a low carbon economy are trends that are causing disruption or even revolution across a variety of business sectors and property types. Technology is probably the one trend that is most exciting for business. While ecosystems and societies run up against increasing limitations, technology gets ever better and faster.”

“Our report unravels the biggest megatrends and seeks to explain what they will mean for business; whether it’s the effect 3D printing might have on shopping centres or the impacts on office space design due to workforce transformation and demographic change. It is important for the real estate world to consider these impacts. They must work out how to quickly and effectively respond to meet the needs of their business and stay competitive. The first movers will gain the most value.”

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