Firms remain committed to wellness programmes

wellness illustration DeloitteA new report from Deloitte claims that 78 percent of employers are looking to invest in workplace wellness programmes in the next three years, citing the main benefits as reducing employee inactivity (32 percent) and improving talent retention (25 percent). However, according to the Deloitte Corporate Wellness Segment many businesses struggle to create meaningful, worthwhile programmes that meet the needs of their entire workforce. Additional challenges for employers include yielding ROI and measuring the effectiveness and value of such programmes.

The good news is that, according to this research from Deloitte, published in partnership with Gympass, 92 percent of leisure operators consider corporate wellness to be a big area of growth and are actively seeking partnerships with local businesses. Their barrier lies in making initial contact with corporates and having the resources to develop tailored programmes suited to an entire workforce.

The report argues that the key to success lies in bringing employers and operators together and the Deloitte research shows that companies value third-party providers who can deliver a high-quality service at an affordable price for employees. Moreover, 60 percent of corporate clients said that third-party providers encourage employees who have never set foot in a gym to visit a fitness facility, showing that such programmes can succeed in introducing inactive people to activity.