Flexible working just one factor that can lift the workplace blues

Flexible working happinessNew research commissioned by office supplies firm Viking claims that many people working for small businesses are unhappy, stressed and demotivated in the workplace for much of the time but that their misery can be alleviated with flexible working, training, social events and generally a bit more information and attention from their employers. The research found that a third of the employees surveyed, all of whom work for firms with fewer than 50 employees, claim to be unhappy for more than half of their time at work, with 42 per cent saying they are also stressed and unmotivated. The respondents claim that these issues could be resolved with more flexible working, social events, personal development and business updates. With workers rating such displays of affection more highly than a pay rise, a spend of less than £500 per employee each year on the things they cherish could make them more happy and motivated.

The report claims that and investment of £286 on training courses and £190 on staff events per employee, levels of happiness at work would increase by 35 per cent, while a pay rise of £5,000 would only yield a three per cent increase.

Sophie Christopher of Viking said: “We often think that more money will bring greater happiness, and while this is true to a certain extent, it is not the whole story. Employees value being valued – whether that’s a night out with colleagues or a training course.”

The report also found that staff claim to be most productive between 10-12 am on Tuesdays, with Monday afternoon between 4-6pm being the least productive time.