HRIS software sets out on a people-centric future

HRISIn the past, Human Resources Information System (HRIS) software was largely created with the needs of HR professionals and system administrators in mind. The future of HRIS however, is an employee-centric system which has been come to be known as an Employee Experience Platform (EXP). PeopleSpheres is an EXP that centralizes all HR functions within a single portal. With this tool, employees and HR teams alike can seamlessly navigate between the different HR applications within their organisation while being confident that they have the best tools on the market to manage each part of the employee life cycle.

It is a single, easy-to-use platform that can integrate all of a company’s existing HR software together, creating a single database and one system of record for all HR purposes and beyond.  The goal is to enable every team member in the organization to quickly and seamlessly access the HR tools they use daily. There is no need to remember multiple passwords and log in to different systems to perform different HR tasks. With this connectivity, employees can access the tools they need in a just a few clicks.


How does it work?    

PeopleSheres Platform HR connects all existing HR software, synchronizes all employee data, and provides a unified user experience which includes:

  • Unified employee profile with which you can centralize employee records and data into a single record of truth while avoiding duplicate data entry and inconsistencies across disparate systems.
  • Cross-application notification and action centre where employees, managers and HR professionals can see their pending actions and be reminded of important milestones.
  • Cross-application HR reporting to gain important insights about your people and visualize data on intuitive dashboards.
  • Cross-application workflows for efficient and consistent HR processes so that key HR procedures are automated and compliant with company standards.
  • Digital HR assistant to guide users through how to make HR requests and answer commonly asked questions
  • Employee self-service portal that empowers employees to take control of their own information and update their data with approval workflows in place when necessary.
  • Feedback and survey tools so that companies can create a space for employees to be heard, feel engaged and make suggestions about how to improve their own quality of work life.

With the increase of remote work and globalization, it is important to stay connected and up-to-date at all times. That is why all of these features are available on a mobile device so that team members can complete HR tasks from any place and any time. It is possible to access the PeopleSpheres platform from a mobile web browser. Additionally, the PeopleSpheres mobile application is available on the Apple App Store or the Google Play App Store.


Why PeopleSpheres?

Companies of every size and industry can benefit from the solution and make it work for them based on their own complexities and requirements.

Even internally, every team member can reap the benefits of this solution no matter what role they hold.

  • HR teams can benefit from efficient processes and ease of access to all HR information they need to do their jobs.
  • Managers can also take advantage of this solution thanks to task automation and workflows that allow them to make decisions in a timely manner.
  • IT and digital transformation teams can confidently adopt an innovative HR solution while being assured that their HR system is secure and that data confidentiality is a top priority.
  • Executives can leverage powerful HR analytics and meaningful insights about the workforce to support strategic business decisions.


The benefits of the PeopleSpheres solution 

  • Save time: With the PeopleSpheres solution, employees can become self-sufficient, HR processes are digitalized and automated, information is centralized in one unified platform and HR tasks are all just a few clicks away. Not only is this more convenient for employees and administrators, it frees up HR teams to focus on more strategic HR initiatives such as talent management and employee development.
  • Consistency: Take advantage of standardized processes with a unified and digitalize HR platform. When all the needed information is in one place, HR teams can use cross-module workflows to make sure that processes are carried out with the same standards each time by all parties involved and that no steps are missed.
  • Visibility: By centralizing all information and data into one single platform, all team members are constantly connected to what they need to get their jobs done. There is no need to search old emails for Excel files or wait for a response from the HR department. This level of visibility allows management to make well-informed and timely decisions that will move the organization forward.
  • Improved employee experience: Whether employees are working remotely or on-site, they can stay connected and be involved in the company culture. Besides being able to easily navigate and complete work-related tasks, employees are engaged and feel a sense cohesiveness within the organization. With the PeopleSpheres solution, employees can easily stay-up-to-date on company news, use a suggestion box to share ideas and collaborate with other team members from the employee directory.