Don’t worry, be ‘appy. IN Magazine issue 20 is here for you

The new digital edition of IN Magazine is now available to read online.The new digital edition of IN Magazine is now available to read online. In this issue: reviews of both MIPIM and the Workspace Design Show; a reappraisal of scientific management; what the new generation of workplace apps tell us about how we work; a case study that prompts the question of why office designers don’t make more use of reused products; the road to hell is paved with bad information; Domino Risch on the workplace’s Kodak moment; why facilities managers are the goalkeepers of the workplace; the final word on self-awareness; and much more. 





Image: Kayak offices, Berlin designed by Gensler.

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Chaos and adversity can lead to creativity too

Taxi dream takes flight. Abu Dhabi seeks smart city dominance

Paul Carder reviews the book Beyond Hybrid Working and Domino Risch asks if offices are having their Kodak moment


Appy talk
Workplace apps have proliferated in recent years as firms seek to empower people to decide how and where they work. But they also have a bit of a data problem, as Helen Parton discovers

Class system
Rather than evolving towards some common idea of the office of the future, the physical workplace is developing new forms, writes Samuel Irvine

Right, said Fred
Scientific management has been misunderstood, writes Rob Harris. It’s time to reappraise the legacy of Frederick Taylor

Reuse revolution
Jo Knight visits the new offices of MCM Architecture to find out how they’ve applied the principles of reuse in creating the space

Goal settings
Facilities mangers and goalkeepers share one tragic trait. They are often most visible when things go wrong. But things may be changing

Bull market
Knowledge of all things used to be something for which we would sell our soul. Now that we have it, we’re going to hell in other ways

Cannes do
MIPIM hasn’t always enjoyed a great reputation. But there now seems to be a focus on what it should really be for writes Anna King

WDS preview
The crowds converged on yet another successful Workspace Design Show in London


All the chat on the Workplace Cocktail Hour and Workplace Geeks

All the latest company news and product launches that matter

The final word on … self-awareness
We’ve known for two thousand years how much it matters