IN14 lands and it’s the best issue we’ve ever done. We would say that. So you decide

The digital edition of issue 14 of IN Magazine is now available to read free, here. Print copies are in the post. We think it’s the best issue we’ve done so far, but please don’t take our word for it. It’s visually stunning, as always. It offers you the usual eclectic mix of content, covering everything from technology to urban design, management issues, property, office design, the environment, wellbeing and transport as well as all the usual interviews, news, events and commentary. All back issues of IN are available here.




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IN14 Contents


To have conversations about hybrid work, we must agree what it means

Fifteen minute cities and a new way of life in Brussels

Jo Knight and Ben Capper sound off on key issues



A shade of green
Manufacturers are going beyond what is expected of them by regulations to create greener products for clients

Cargo cult
Cargo bikes are becoming more commonplace on our streets, but we still need to make adjustments, writes Andrew Brown

Unrealised dreams
There is a strange attraction to the idea of unrealised building designs, and modern tech allows us to visualise them

Rules of attraction
If firms want people to spend more time in the office, organisations are going have to work out what will draw them to it

Stick or twist
The business and environmental case for retrofitting existing buildings is very compelling, but it may not always be the best thing to do

Interview – Jeremy Myerson
Jeremy Myerson in conversation about his recent book on the new era of work, and what firms must consider to make the most of it

Auto focus
We need to see through the impression AI gives that it is actually intelligent if we are to make the best use of it

Identity crisis
Tracy Brower considers how work ideally forms just a part of our identity and how we might improve the way we relate to it

Strong words
We need to build resilience into our cultures and buildings to cope with the winds of change, finds Jo Sutherland


IN Conversation
Our podcast series in partnership with the Workplace Geeks

Up to date news about events, products, services and installations

The final word on … the future work
Much talked about, especially for something that doesn’t exist