Issue 17 of IN Magazine lands

IN Magazine issue 17 lands

The new digital edition of IN Magazine is now available, free to read here. Print copies will be mailed out to subscribers soon. In this issue: we talk to incoming BCO President Despina Katsikakis about whippets and, less importantly, her history of pioneering workplace innovation; we visit a new space in London that proves biophilia is about a lot more than a plant wall; a special supplement produced in partnership with BVN explores the multi-faceted complexity of retrofit; Helen Parton explores how new developments are looking to increase their social value; we question the wisdom of predictions; and much more.




IN Magazine Issue 17 Contents


Trying to be heard above the people with the megaphones

So which is to be if you want people in the office? Carrot or stick?

An argument in favour of digital detox zones and praise for a book that got its predictions right



Whip smart
Despina Katsikakis is the new president of the BCO, a pioneer of workplace thinking, but even more impressive, a lover of whippets

A sense of place
Regions across the UK are rethinking the way they add social value to spaces. And about time too for many of them

Nature trail
The pursuit of the utopian office must also recognise the imperative drive for greater environmental responsibility

Tube strike
Those ghastly fluorescent tubes are on their way out at last. So let’s take the chance presented by fluorescence obsolescence to do better

Inside: The retrofit dilemma
In a special supplement produced in partnership with BVN, we explore the case for retrofitting existing buildings and why it’s more complex than some think

Looking up
Not everybody likes skyscrapers, and they can seem out of step with the times, but the appetite for them remains

Desire lines
People don’t always behave in predictable or even rational ways, so designers need to brace themselves for surprises

Future dreams
Visions of the future are usually nothing more than attempts to understand and resolve the problems of the present



IN Conversation
Interesting conversations with fascinating people

Our round up of company news, new products and upcoming events

Object – noise
It’s not all about the decibels, as any time spent in a pub or cocktail party would tell you