Logovisual feature-packed mobile walls designed to divide and connect

The ThinkingWall Divider range from Logovisual is a collection of sleek, stable dividing mobile walls featuring web connected AV technology, drywipe surface and storageThe ThinkingWall Divider range from Logovisual is a collection of sleek, stable mobile dividing walls featuring web connected AV technology, drywipe surface and storage. The units are large enough to work alone or in pairs as a divider, but easy to move around to reconfigure space. Use ThinkingWall Dividers to split larger areas with no need for any floor or ceiling mounting. Create focus areas where teams can gather round the drywipe board without the need for a wall to mount to. The mobile walls are multi-functional, practical and fit perfectly with a modern hybrid work environment.

The ThinkingWall Divider started life as a bespoke design for a client over six years ago. The functional but unobtrusive mobile wall perfectly fit the brief to divide a large open-plan office space, and quickly became part of the firm’s core range.

The standard Divider features double-sided whiteboard, measures 2200mm (W) X 1925mm (H) X 435mm (D) and is set on 6 sturdy castors. The beauty of the ThinkingWall system is that all units are made to order, so can be easily adapted to fit your specification.

Logovisual have developed the Divider range to include variations with integrated AV and storage.

The ThinkingWall AV Divider is a double-sided mobile whiteboard wall which can be fitted with any type of screen or monitor and connected to a computer, laptop or other AV devices. Integrate collaborative meeting technology into a freestanding wall to use anywhere in the workplace. All products are made to order, and Logovisual can work with your or your client’s preferred AV specialist to integrate any screen, camera or soundbar seamlessly into the wall. You aren’t tied to one size, system or supplier.

The ThinkingWall Stor takes the Divider and makes full use of the space between the two whiteboard surfaces. As standard, adjustable shelves are fitted to one end, but it is possible to add a hanging rail and lockable door or doors. The Stor is useful for holding books, files and samples or coats, bags, helmets and more. It is slightly more compact in size at 1200mm (W) X 1980mm (H) X 435mm (D) but will sit alongside either the Divider or AV Divider to make a longer moveable wall.

Logovisual will be demonstrating a concept product that combines the best of all these features and enhancements at the Workspace Design Show, held at the London Business Design Centre from 27th-28th February 2023.

This enhanced unit offers drywipe surface to both sides, space for an AV screen, and integrated storage.  Fully loaded with Yealink hardware, the unit is set up and ready to support hybrid collaboration meetings. Units are available either with mains power or a rechargeable battery for a completely cable-free solution. As with other mobile walls in the range, this AV Divider/Stor hybrid can be easily moved around the workspace for team meetings and collaboration sessions. At 2.2m in length and 1.9m high, it also makes a very effective mobile room divider for large open plan spaces.

Logovisual have over 25 years’ experience in designing and developing collaboration furniture including visual thinking and planning systems. The firm specialises in bespoke solutions, not off the shelf. The ThinkingWall Divider range is a flexible solution to create a temporary wall, deliver visual privacy, and offer a digital connection to remote team members.