Microsoft is world’s most valuable B2B brand, NVIDIA the fastest growing

Microsoft tops 2024 B2B Brand Valuations, NVIDIA is world’s fastest-growing B2B brand Microsoft remains the world’s most valuable B2B brand, achieving a substantial 60 percent increase in B2B brand value to USD220.4 billion, according to the latest report by Brand Finance, the world’s leading brand valuation consultancy. The B2B brand value of Microsoft accounts for the majority of Microsoft’s total brand value of USD340.4 billion, which includes both B2B and B2C components.

David Haigh, CEO of Brand Finance, said: “The evolution of branding has led to a symbiotic relationship between B2B and B2C brand and sectors, where the actions of one significantly impact the other. Understanding this interplay is crucial for brands to navigate and succeed in today’s complex marketplace.”

Year on year, the top 100 B2B brands increased 10 percent, a total value growth of a quarter trillion dollars.

NVIDIA emerges as the world’s fastest-growing B2B brand, achieving a remarkable 163 percent growth in B2B brand value to USD44.5 billion. Microsoft and NVIDIA’s growth is largely attributable to their strong footholds in artificial intelligence (AI). Microsoft’s brand is fuelled by its association with OpenAI, driving expansion in customer base and revenue streams through Azure, Microsoft 365, and LinkedIn. Meanwhile, NVIDIA’s brand value surge is propelled by innovations in AI-driven technologies like their class-leading AI platform for enterprises which have become the dominant platform in that market.

China’s State Grid has risen to become the world’s second most valuable B2B brand – overtaking Amazon – reflecting its strong financial performance and reinforced brand presence. Valued at USD 71.1 billion, State Grid’s brand value has grown 21 percent from last year. As a crucial player in the Chinese economy and integral to global initiatives like the Belt & Road, State Grid remains a hidden giant in the B2B space amongst Western market observers, often overlooked despite its massive influence.

Brand Finance runs drivers analysis to determine the role of sustainability in B2B customer consideration across sectors. Among B2B brands, the most pronounced driver score is for IT Services (14.1 percent) – other B2B sectors with pronounced roles were Oil & Gas and Logistics (8.6 percent each), Chemicals, Energy, and Mining (8.3 percent), Commercial Services (8.2 percent), Insurance (7.7 percent), and Banking (6.8 percent).

Image:  Microsoft’s offices in Dublin designed by RKD Architects and Gensler