Nomura and Adidas named among healthiest workplaces in Britain

Nomura International Plc, Adidas UK and Wellness International Ltd have been named, by Vitality’s Britain’s Healthiest Workplace study, as the healthiest workplaces in Britain. The bank, sports apparel company and leading health and wellbeing provider were awarded first place in the large, medium and small-sized company divisions, respectively, at the awards that took place at BAFTA in London. This is the sixth year in a row that Adidas UK have earned first place in their category, the fourth time Nomura have picked up the award, and the first time Wellness International Ltd has entered since the survey began in 2012.

Last year, over 26,000 employees from 129 organisations participated in the Britain’s Healthiest Workplace study, which the awards are based upon. The study, which is produced in partnership with Rand Europe and the University of Cambridge, examines the link between employee health and lifestyle choices, the work environment, and business critical outcomes such as productivity and engagement.

Over the past six years, Vitality has surveyed nearly 450 employers and more than 150,000 employees as part of Britain’s Healthiest Workplace. The study provides one of the largest and most comprehensive datasets on which to research organisational performance, as well as a platform to recognise employers who have an outstanding approach to employee health and wellbeing.

Additionally, many employers also take part in the study every year, using the information in the survey to understand the picture of health and wellbeing in their company and supporting them to implement and drive through improvement, whilst monitoring progress and success year-on-year.

 ta provided from the study. This information helps us to measure and coordinate our health strategy to support a highly performing, motivated and healthy workforce with low levels of absenteeism. Employees are key to our success and looking after their health also helps us retain talent and engage employees, all of which is important to the business.