Online BIM discussion group created for the built environment

The BIM4FM group, representing institutes, trade associations and professional bodies within the built environment has created an online discussion group to stimulate the conversation around the engagement of facilities managers, owners and occupiers in Building Information Modelling (BIM) and Government Soft Landings (GSL). Geoff Prudence, Chairman of the BIM4FM group explained: “Since our launch many individuals have asked to join the BIFM4FM group. However, the group has been set up as a steering committee of institutes, trade bodies and professional associations, supported by the Cabinet Office Government Property Unit. That said, rather than excluding the enthusiasm of individuals, we thought we should encourage and harness their input from across our communities, as it’s often those who are operating at grassroots level who raise the most valuable insights.”  

The discussion group has been created on LinkedIn and can be found at:

Prudence continued: “We have been heartened that interest in BIM4FM has come from across the built environment supply chain. We believe that this demonstrates the growing recognition that for BIM to be adopted successfully there will have to be new and collaborative approaches to working.”

The BIM4FM group was launched in March and is made up of:

  • BIS – Business, Innovation & Skills BIM Task Group
  • BIFM – British Institute of Facilities Management
  • B&ES – Building and Engineering Services Association
  • BSA – Business Services Association
  • BSRIA – Building Services Research and Information Association
  • CIBSE – Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers
  • GPU – Cabinet Office Government Property Unit
  • FMA – Facilities Management Association
  • RIBA – Royal Institute of British Architects
  • RICS – Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors

The group has already completed an industry-wide survey to try to establish what FMs, owners and occupiers require from Building Information Modelling. The results are currently being analysed and the BIM4FM intends to release these during July.

By Sara Bean