ORGATEC reinvents itself for the new future of work

ORGATEC, the leading international trade fair for the future of work will return in 2024 with a new event conceptORGATEC, the leading international trade fair for the future of work will return in 2024 with a new event concept that is designed to meet the evolving requirements of the world of work and is positioned even closer to the cutting edge. With a shorter duration, a new hall layout, highlight topics and digital innovations, ORGATEC will offer exhibitors and visitors a topic-centred, event-oriented and efficient trade fair experience.

The modern working world is constantly changing – there are always new influences driving the design of the future of work. As a result, the requirements placed on trade fairs are also changing. To respond to this development, an extensive series of surveys has been conducted with trade fair visitors in collaboration with the Interior Business Association (IBA). The aim was to understand visitors’ changing needs.

“Based on the findings from the surveys, we have redefined ORGATEC’s concept in close cooperation with the IBA. In 2024, the trade fair will focus on the fundamental issues for the industry. It will intensify the debate both at the event and in the lead-up to the trade fair. In addition, ORGATEC will place a special emphasis on networking and face-to-face exchanges between participants,” says Matthias Pollmann, Vice President Trade Fair Management at Koelnmesse. Helmut Link, President of the IBA, adds: “In addition to the growing importance of in-person conversations at the event, the visitor survey revealed that our stakeholders see the trade fair as an opportunity to experience diverse approaches to new forms of work live and up-close. With such experiences, ORGATEC is and will remain a crucial event for our industry.”


Topic-centred focus areas

The centrepiece of the redefined trade fair will be the focus areas in each hall. Each focus area will have individual highlight topics and offer unique opportunities to experience them up-close. They will present target group-relevant topics and offer trade fair participants 360-degree insights into the latest trends and developments for the future of work. This innovative marketplace concept will transform ORGATEC 2024 into an interactive hub for new thinking and exchanges, making it the centre of the design of tomorrow’s world of work. One additional special highlight for visitors is set to be the Wherever Whenever – Work Culture Festival, hosted by the IBA in Halls 6 and 9. The festival promises to be a forum for inspiration and debate about our future work culture.


New hall layout for improved visitor guidance

With the introduction of the centrally positioned focus areas, exhibitors’ stands will be grouped around these highlight topics. In addition, the area around Halls 4.2, 5.1 and 5.2 will be expanded, and the entire South-North Boulevard will be opened. The hall layout for ORGATEC 2024 will therefore be completely reorganised. This will enable improved, topic-centred management of visitor flows and easier orientation for trade fair participants, as well as expanding the available exhibition space.

Changes on the catering side are also planned for visitors and exhibitors: A refreshed and updated hospitality concept will provide a diverse selection of high-quality food and beverages.


Digital added value for trade fair participants

Lead+Meet is a new development that will allow exhibiting companies to communicate directly with their target customers. Based on criteria such as interests, industry and country of origin, exhibitors will be able to select the visitors who are relevant to their company and send them a personalised message via the trade fair app. The integrated indoor navigation will then guide the potential customers exactly to the exhibitor’s stand. The innovative Post-Fair Leads technology will also foster target group-specific communication. Designed for use after the event, it will allow exhibitors to make direct contact with relevant customers that they have been unable to reach thus far. The dynamic logistics management system eSlot will provide additional digital benefits. The optimised routing technology will enable fast and efficient stand construction and dismantling and ensure smooth operations, thereby significantly simplifying preparations for exhibitors.

Bookable e-slots will avoid queues of heavy goods vehicles at the gates. If a driver realises that he is running late, the app will automatically reschedule his e-slot for admission for when he actually arrives at the assigned gate to the trade fair grounds. This technology may admittedly require further explanation to ensure greater and more efficient utilisation, but it is an excellent system with many benefits.

Image: MoreySmith