Over three quarters of staff say employers play equal role in their health & wellbeing

Over three quarters of staff say employers play equal role in their health & wellbeingNearly 80 per cent of UK workers believe responsibility for managing staff health and wellbeing should be shared between both employer and employee. The ‘Employee View – Health and Wellbeing in the Workplace’ survey, conducted by health insurance provider Westfield Health, found the majority (79%) of respondents felt there should be an even balance between them and their employer when it came to taking care of their wellbeing. Nearly three-quarters (74%) also said knowing their employer cares about their health would make them more likely to be satisfied, loyal and motivated at work. And almost a third (30%) asked for better communication in the workplace about the types of wellbeing programmes on offer to them.

Commenting on the results of the survey of 1,500 working adults across the country, Westfield Health’s Executive Director, Paul Shires, said: “The research we’ve conducted provides an interesting snapshot of the views, beliefs and hopes of the modern employee when it comes to their health and wellbeing.

“Three quarters of employees recognise unhealthy lifestyles reduce productivity and performance at work. But workers are equally keen to see their employer accept some responsibility in what could be described as a health ‘job share’.”

One respondent commented: ‘I am responsible for my health, but my work environment and welfare on site should be managed effectively by employers.’ The results of the research follows the recent announcement by the Department of Health that the Government wants to support employers in promoting workplace wellbeing in order to increase productivity and prevent mental health issues building up.

Shires added: “Our research found 74 per cent of workers agreed it’s important for health and wellbeing to be promoted and supported, so it’s encouraging our survey found a similar figure are also already engaging with the provided to them in the workplace. But more can be done by employers to encourage higher usage levels.

“Nearly half of employees said if they were asked about what health and wellbeing programmes they would like, it would result in greater levels of engagement.

“It’s clear that employers that adhere to the three Cs – consult, communicate and care – are going to have a healthier and happier workforce as a result.”