Pointless admin and inadequate technology cost UK £60 billion a year 0

CaptureInadequate and poorly performing technology coupled with the burden of pointless administrative tasks are having a major negative effect on the UK’s productivity, costing businesses around £60 billion a year. That is the conclusion of a new report from workforce management consultants Kronos.  According to the report, The £60Bn Question: Is Employee Engagement the Driver of Business Success?, employees spend around 7 percent of their time on unnecessary admin and 82 percent struggle to complete their daily tasks. According to the line managers that took part in the survey, 77 percent claim that outdated technology is the biggest challenge they face and 72 percent believe that they are hampered by the need to carry out tasks that could be automated. Many respondents also cited a lack of engagement as an issue with 34 percent claiming rating their organisation enjoying high levels of engagement and  59 percent claiming their chief exec was more interested in the bottom line than employees.