Promotion: Humanscale launch Quickstand Eco to lead next generation of sit/stand workstations

Humanscale, has launched its next generation of portable sit/stand products. The QuickStand Eco claims to unite function and sustainability at an accessible price point to improve employee performance and encourage a more active workplace. This new height-adjustable solution is sleeker, easier to install and comprises more sustainable materials than ever before. QuickStand Eco utilises minimal parts and pieces, limiting it’s environmental footprint and maintaining a minimal, clean aesthetic. It features simple setup and is easy to transport, making it a flexible option for both corporate and home offices. The instant height adjustability encourages users to sit and stand more often and the product can also be integrated with Humanscale’s OfficeIQ software, which sends periodic alerts when it is time to adjust one’s position.

The launch of QuickStand Eco coincides with a new wave in flexible workplace design, as many companies continue to move away from the “one size fits all” standard and now offer sit/stand workstations by request. With an increased public interest in health and well-being, more and more employees seek solutions that will make their workday both more active and more comfortable.

Research undertaken by Humanscale, Wellness Together, specifically identified movement as a dominant factor within the three key metrics of Productivity, Profitability and Innovation/Creativity, out of the ten strongest factors influencing better performance on two characteristics were shared by all three:

1) Flexibilty to reconfigure space

2) Healthy posture promoting workstations

Overall, four out of nine of the top characteristics that potentially impact upon profitability are related to movement. Essentially businesses with these characteristics have a higher gross profit, the extent of which (uplift) is presented here:

1) Having sit/stand or high level desks – 37 percent

2) Workstations that encourage movement – 25 percent

3) Employees given the choice to sit or stand at work – 25 percent

4) Employees allowed to swap from sitting to standing and vice versa – 24 percent

Humanscale offers a variety of ergonomic workstation options and QuickStand Eco, its newest product, is designed to accommodate users of varying heights. It can hold up to 15.9kb (35 lbs), is available in laptop, single or dual monitor configurations and offers 472mm (18.6”) in height adjustment range.

With a selection of sit/stand offerings for all types of workplaces and styles from it Float table and QuickStand rage, Humanscale ensures workers can now find the workspace solution best suited to their individual needs.